Research on Movement

Since December 2018 the artist Nicole Pschetz develops in the heart of the association Poulpe Électrique a practical research based on ensemble movement. This work is oriented by a connexion between the principles of dramatic corporeal mime and the Yat Malmgren’s method of Character Analysis. In this study 6 actors/mimes explore the idea of the individual and their interaction within a group, as well as the collective and its relationship with the world that surrounds it. The research focuses on the countless possibilities of expression in group in order to revisit the need of gathering, the potential of listening and exchanging, as well as the joy of reaching a common objective. A first piece is under developement and it will be created in 2020 to be performed in Parisian public spaces.

Participants : Anya Shulkina, Catherine Roude, Dorothée Malfoy, Luciana Silvestrini, Thomas Labey, and Véronique Burban.